Brassall Early Learning Centre, QLD

Registered Day Care Centre

Vote Entries Brassall Early Learning Centre

Our dream outdoor space:


About the space:

Old rusty framed swings, no pathways for bike riding, no area for exploration and investigation, small uninviting sandpits, old ripped artificial grass, uneven grassed area with holes, inefficient shade especially for sandpit

Approximate size

40m x 35m

Why our nominated space should be chosen to be re-designed and developed:

Our yard is 22 years old - tired, dilapidated, a hazard (ripped astroturf), holes in the grass. Old swing set, small sandpit which is often filled with spiders.

How our organisation would benefit from and use the re-designed and developed space

Local children need to run, climb, explore, play and investigate. Our yard is big so could potentially be used for big games such as totem tennis, cricket, football and soccer. Recycling and sustainability should be encouraged.

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