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Our dream outdoor space:

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About the space:

At present the space could be described as bland, hot, grey, uninviting and uninspiring. With the help of 202020 it could become energising, exciting, cool, green and inspiring!

Approximate size

18m x 40m

Why our nominated space should be chosen to be re-designed and developed:

This wasted area, where water sheets off when it rains and bitumen bakes when it shines, could be transformed into a rare and valued green space in our semi industrial location. Our inner city kids would love it!

How our organisation would benefit from and use the re-designed and developed space

It would kick-start our master plan to renew the schools tired outdoor spaces. We want to provide well designed areas for all ages to play, develop, learn and connect with nature and we just need some help!

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Tract is a leading planning and design practice uniting the professional disciplines of town planning, landscape architecture and urban design.  

See the designs below. If you would like to pledge supporting materials or time to the development of this school's park please email Shahana McKenzie at