Highgate Primary School, WA

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Our dream outdoor space:


About the space:

We're short of space and it will get worse, with lots of bitumen, sand (and trees). There are unused opportunities around existing buildings that we could utilise better.

Approximate size

50m x 50m

Why our nominated space should be chosen to be re-designed and developed:

Mutual opportunity + passion! Every inch of space counts in our small, diverse, complex, urban setting (density, flexibility, green space). Desperate for better integration of outdoor space for learning.

How our organisation would benefit from and use the re-designed and developed space

Need help for masterplan as school is cramped. Inner city kids and community rely on our grounds for play. Then develop one space. We will continue to work on the rest.

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UDLA is a multi-award winning studio specialising in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Community Development. We believe that Landscape Architecture, the creation of places that inspire interest, interaction and sociality, is not a simple one-off enterprise. To us, it is the result of an inclusive process that involves all of the people is seeks to enagage in equal measure, whether they are end users, contributing professional participants, or stakeholders. It is a progression through history, environment, population and practice, encompassing commercial, social, behavioural and aesthetic goals. 

See the designs below. If you would like to pledge supporting materials or time to the development of this school's park please email Shahana McKenzie at