Indooroopilly State School, QLD

Public Primary School

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Our dream outdoor space:

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About the space:

Singleton Oval is a hot, empty, astro-turfed area. It lacks any physical development stimulation or opportunities to connect with nature. This is the primary place space for over 300 Prep-Grade Two children.

Approximate size

45m x 55m

Why our nominated space should be chosen to be re-designed and developed:

With a growing school community there is an urgent need to improve the outdoor play experiences at our school. We would love to have developmentally stimulating activities that engage all children, offering opportunities to engage with a more natural environment, both physically and mentally.

How our organisation would benefit from and use the re-designed and developed space

The redesign of this space would create a physical heart in our school. A learning area would enhance opportunities for outdoor class-time and community events. Concepts such as a maths in nature pathway would capture the hearts and minds of our students and community to appreciate their world.

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See the designs below. If you would like to pledge supporting materials or time to the development of this school's park please email Shahana McKenzie at