Telopea Park School, ACT

Public High School

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Our dream outdoor space:

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About the space:

The secondary "hang out" is out-dated, unattractive, hot in summer and cold in winter. The ramps are too steep. The ground is sloped, broken and as such a tripping hazard.

Approximate size

67m x 26.5m

Why our nominated space should be chosen to be re-designed and developed:

This area hasn’t been updated since 1923! A green, organic space will make our students, from over 75 nations, happier and healthier, assisting them to achieve their full potential.

How our organisation would benefit from and use the re-designed and developed space

A place to commune, manage stress and practice mindfulness, will help student’s motivation to learn and cope with life’s stress. The re-design will educate students about bio-diversity, climate and sustainability.

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Partnered with

Amelia Souter, supported by Cia Landscapes 

Cia Landscapes is a boutique sized firm, which is sought after for their sensitive, site specific and unpredictable approach, proven by the multiple awards received from various organisations.

See the designs below. If you would like to pledge supporting materials or time to the development of this school's park please email Shahana McKenzie at